A morbid thought

which allows such abominable ones

enter the building;

wretched soul cannot contain.

How can one go to a place,

when that one

is the definition

of what said place is?

If indeed, I truly am,

and am that state

with you,

then a place does not exist

where we are not

May I climb onto your shelves?

Would I,

permission allowed

come and meet with your soul’s temple?

Time Miscarried

I watched my neighbor across the way,

he, with labored shuffling.

I remember when we first move in,

the lightness with which he carried himself;

the outdoor chairs and conversation,

he, with the watchman.

(The one who died months ago)

His garage door closes behind him

and the birds keep singing.

A Place Called Home

His countenance was such, that when pleased, a joyfulness exuberated from his face, and infected everyone.

She conscientiously left her abode for a land richer in milk and honey; her cup ran over. They delecatessiously faced one another, longing seeping through the doorway, and rushed to embrace in a holy hiccup of an instant.  Standing, facing each other’s faces, their hands intertwined like branches tangled together in a summer storm; they felt the rocking of the boat of life beneath their waving feet.

He looked into her eyes and at once thought twice. His gooey arm and goofy shirt made a cradle for her child-like innocence; the rain poured in the window like Jesus was crying happy tears for them.

Underneath the dead stars of yesterday, gone today and here tomorrow, they promised to always touch the heart-strings of each other’s personal heart-harps, to pluck them gently and wisely, and to boldly go forth with new vision.  Her contacts were majestic.

Together they sailed the winds of time, charging each moment with electrical ecstacy. They never knew forward movement could be so standardized. With the invention of the clock, they drew forth the power of the sun to unlock the celestial guidelines, pointing their ship toward a place called home.


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