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When the World’s Upside Down



Where do you go

when the world’s upside down

when your very best friends

look upon you and frown

Who do you seek

when the going gets blue

who can you trust

who will always be true

Jesus is Who

He’s the one that makes new

He’ll never desert you

Sitting righteous in pew

He’ll always love hue

though your virtues are few

He’ll be your glory

when your shine becomes goo

He’ll battle old Saul

for the right for your soul

It’s Jesus who loves you

so roll, baby, roll.

I’ll Have What I’m Having

Medicate it

Then educate it ~

Dedicate it to the one you love


The one I love

is the energy called


To feel is to live

I can open up the windows

and let my fresh breeze blow


Natural is my cup of tea

I’ll feel my feelings

from my head to my knees

from my knees to my toes

I will help you ungrow

that fungus among us



be chose



I love it

but it’s too far gone

it’s so


“what is she on?”

Do You Love?




you have is what

you take with you when

you go — Better do more

than say magic words and

perform praise-worthy actions.

Is your heart (spirit) overriding your Ego (flesh)?

Do you want to reach heaven (Kingdom of God Living)

 here hard enough to do the spiritual practice that brings growth?

Do you care for yourself richly while denying needy desires?

Do you realize that this may be your last

day here to show love to others?

Do you love a peaceful moment?

Will you share

the animation of your

passion for Life?

Do you


The Divine Common Factor

In other dimensions, the sun and the flower are equals, both needing each other.

Birth and death are the breath.

For every outward breath, there is release; for every inward breath, new life.

Plant me, bloom me, let me be planted; let me be uprooted.

Exhale and let me open to the extra-vagancy of your wandering, your spiraling golden perfection, your flowering heart.

Let me bloom where you plant me with your breath, my life, my love!

I love the breath, the breath of the self-similatory, fractally unfractured, Divine Common Factor


(These are a set of spiral poems for spiritual affect, beginning with “The Fragility of Vitamin D-ear-ness-t”.)