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If Time and Space were Constructs

If Time and Space were just Constructs

mere perceptions of the brain

and furthermore

if they didn’t exist

we could see beyond each claim

without a clarifying outline

we would be like words written so nimble

sometimes a beautiful

thought to behold

and others

not more than a symbol



The atomosphere was charged

with this momentary


when I mentioned

on hand

I like myself

she stopped

turned aside

and unlike any sancturarial verbal scroll

of untold knowledge

softly confirmed

you are so sweet

so sweet

and so strong in your sweetness


God grabbed my mind

and the box split open

as I sat there

from whence my very hand

the journal of my words it spoke

just prior to my call

the same two sure and trusty words

sweet and strong

that’s how I am

She said it

God grinned

and I got it


Two Small Words

Like a crafting guildswoman

she used two small words to pass through a week

to mask the distraction of all that amazing grace


she took the lace

and spread it upon her bosom

where Abraham lay before Christ came


she took thirty books

and read them in one evening

trying to earn the amount of knowledge

that would make the machine

spit them into her sphere

but instead she found

the energy to say

two small words to herself again

and feel

that they were real


she looked for the silver lining

it is there

nobody’s perfect and the sun doesn’t shine

where the moon won’t go


they tore a new hole in her soul and placed their caring there

She can never replace it

but she’s found a way

to almost erase it


she sees the strong sweet soul sister

she has a smart time

she takes no

and yet she serves up ok-ness

like a waitress

at the hard-knocks café


it doesn’t say she has to be there

at all

she’s in her room reading a book

about senergy

and the brains apparati

for unctional spirituality