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I Die and Resurrect Again

If you stand for love

after you’ve spoken your truth

you fix your lenses so that you can forgive


Your staying and working through the tension

until you are given a definitive change of direction

is a part of taking your practice

off the mat


It also processes the ego


Learning the lessons and applying them

is what allows us

to discharge the encrustation from our lives


Willing wellness to others


is the Divine Way


I hang on the cross with Christ each day.

Each day

I die and resurrect again

When the World’s Upside Down



Where do you go

when the world’s upside down

when your very best friends

look upon you and frown

Who do you seek

when the going gets blue

who can you trust

who will always be true

Jesus is Who

He’s the one that makes new

He’ll never desert you

Sitting righteous in pew

He’ll always love hue

though your virtues are few

He’ll be your glory

when your shine becomes goo

He’ll battle old Saul

for the right for your soul

It’s Jesus who loves you

so roll, baby, roll.


The Weak are those

who do not tow the party line

but step across it

one foot at a time

to get to know the evil other

so as to meet within themselves

their own evil which is worse

than that of their brother

For we are the chiefest of sinners, we might say

and so very loved, while feeling so depraved

He set us on a hilltop

and, perhaps,

He honors the trying resilient

more than complacent safety that stays and says

we’re undoubtedly your best;

It’s most obvious,

Oh Father,

as we’ve understood you in the past

It’s not You, Father, who have changed

into a more Christ-like behavior

It’s our understanding that we can grow in our weakness

Or stay eating the meat

of a static experience;

that from before the epiphany of your truest, loveliest light,

in this ephemeral life,

gave us eyes to seek expansive meaning

within your illuminating

merciful insight

Do You Love?




you have is what

you take with you when

you go — Better do more

than say magic words and

perform praise-worthy actions.

Is your heart (spirit) overriding your Ego (flesh)?

Do you want to reach heaven (Kingdom of God Living)

 here hard enough to do the spiritual practice that brings growth?

Do you care for yourself richly while denying needy desires?

Do you realize that this may be your last

day here to show love to others?

Do you love a peaceful moment?

Will you share

the animation of your

passion for Life?

Do you


Blessed for Being Martha, and not Complaining

I’m more Mary than Martha. Most of the time, the Lord is saying, “You could do the dishes, you know?” I am usually all for meditating, writing, praying, reading poetry, and other Mary-type stuff. Today I was blessed for being Martha.

I run my own music teaching service in my home. I love doing it. We had a recital today that went wonderfully.

I took the time to visit with my families instead of immediately cleaning up while they were all visiting. As a result, I ended up staying longer and doing a great bit of cleaning up by myself when most were already gone.

I finished getting everything back into place, and then locked myself out of the church, having forgotten to turn off the lights in one portion of the building.

I knocked on the stained-glass window, once, then twice. Someone came and let me back in and I shut off the lights.

As I was coming back out and heading to my car, a friend drove up. She thought she might catch me there. If I had not taken so long, I would not have met her there. She had an ointment for my poison ivy, and I had some books to give her.

Because I stayed and visited with my families, it took longer for me to leave, but it was worth it. I found out that I can do a lot on my own and feel fine about it. God’s perfect timing and my friend to the rescue were great rewards for my non-complaining Martha-ness. I feel I am on the verge of a very nice Martha/Mary mix.