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I remember

poetry I wrote

someone would quote

my ego, I’d tote


Look, it’s not like it wasn’t nothin’

but I’m over the hump

the Forrest Gump

of the I can run now

Don’t need no crutches in my clutches


The fact you liked it

shared it

snared it

and scared it

only made me stronger

when I was only

three inches wronger.

The Super Amazing Gift of Laughter

It is an amazing gift

the gift of laughter

especially in the midst

of crying over spilled apple sauce

the kind that comes with pork chops

and what’s especially nice

is when someone sees you spill it,

helps you collect it up,

and then sits down

and sups with you

Holy St. Rover, Guardian of Pugs

There was a holy picture

of St. Bernadette

she held a pitcher in one hand

and an hour-glass in the next

At an Irish pub

there stood a pug

drinking from his mug

he said to her

“Dear Saint, (and moreover

you may call me Rover)

I wish to accept your invitation

before the time is much too late

let me now


and with this

our dear old chap

lifted off four paws

and landed in her lap

Dear St. Bernadette said

as she smiled so gravely

“Dear Rover, sweet Rover

Do visit me daily

lite thyself upon my dress

do not settle thus for less”

and a kingly pug she made him