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The Seed of Equanimity

The seed of equanimity

lies just beneath breath’s wind

Flowers stretch into invisible blooms

Feel before seeing

the extra-terrestrial-ness of its being

spiraling up the life path

roots entangling with the trees

attracting the microcosmic bees

as chewing the locusts’ vile ways


with internal fountain


Leaving to the sun all things earth and sky

a plant reaching womanly status

with no stigma

no sty



God is a happening, disguised as my life

Ian Birthday, drawings, me after ballet 057

Meeting God continually

disguised as my life

God is a happening even more than a being

He is existence, happening to me and to others

If we say we know no God

Then we know no life

for life is His/(dare I say Her-ness) continual walk with and in and through us;

I meditated with a group

how lovely

and quite supernaturally

and unsupernaturally

and with-now timeliness

I heard the voice in the wilderness

Crying out to Christ

from those who are judged to be

too open-minded

It sprang forth in the background;

“stay with your focus”

they said,

and I did.

My focus was

“I do love you.

Thank you for coming here today.”