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Sunday About Her




Her presence always somehow

in my heart

When she’s not there

she is

Her peace and love

not a saving grace

nor a desperate call

No disappointment

Just a holding place,

a Chosen grace

The remnants of her last embrace

These things

physically rationed

out to my garden heart

The magnetic force of love

I have


condensed and over-flowing

love peace sending

care without a word for days

Her affection joins

and blesses

She blesses




God Popped the Question

God Popped the Question

and I said


Yes to loving the elderly

Yes to honoring the wise ones

Yes to cautious connection

Yes to joy with abandon

Yes to sending care

Yes to prayer

Yes to vulnerability

Yes to layers of fragility

Yes to truth to power

Yes to a quiet hour

Yes to you

Yes to me

Yes to everything collective we will be

God Popped the Question

and I said

Hell, yah!

Suffering Angel

The word violin

wrapped up in her name

as within a cocoon


She could tell you her life’s story

and make it sound

so painfully raw

you wanted to inhabit it

to feel her talent in your veins

She knew Lenny

well enough

to call him that

and played under his


like a bee

following a bat

Her stinging lack of diplomacy

telling me

“You’ll never play like that”

She was a gorgeous