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The Birth of Acknowledgment

first a hand

then a fist

an obscure movement

of vagueality

the skin goes then

as fishes eye-of-blue —

seen through


Another eye, though smaller still

Is it all right?

What does it feel?

I do not know —

I only see

inward shades

of outer me

(First Impressions)


Restless Robin (Revisted)

I’m at the wooded entrance
just parked my car and I observe
fresh drops of rain on the Ford next door
with a robin
slipping and sliding

Up to the roof
of the car
her feet grasping
a slippery front window
like a cartoon character
wiry legs spinning
to reach the top

She flies down
to the side-view mirror
and flaps her wings continuously
peering at herself
thinking it’s someone else

She can’t quite place the face
or find a place to land
but flaps a bit more
searching for the reflection
then lands on the ground below

Flying up to the hood again
her legs begin sliding
furiously upward

She raises herself against resistance
then lowers down
and views her shadow self
reaching to contact
the image

Thirteen times she encircles the space
then at last
distracted by something above

Another bird perhaps
or a place to go and rest
maybe just what she needs
to break a cycle