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There’s a Dragon in My Tree

There’s a dragon in my Tree

He’s watching over Me

And no one knows

which way He blows

He loves to sit and be

He’s been there all the time

looking so sublime

It seems no bother

that it snows

A fire nose

has He


The Folly of Following Flo

green background

It was a foul folly

in following Flo

Where she would flow

no one could know

Flo tried to blow

the blow was a kiss

imagine the folly

in following this

The flea on my knee

and the Flo that had flown

both became jolly

in rapturous koan

And yet when

I fought

or fret at what was

the more I was fraught

with the fright

just because

so now

I’m not freaking

because of what’s not

I’m following Flow

for all else is for naught