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Changing the Dream

Last night I had a dream

but it wasn’t MLK’s kind

instead it was of a brother and I

so estranged

and I’m sitting beside him

telling him about my grandson and his violin bow

and he suddenly asks, “Who are you talking to?”

I read it as being

his dismissal of me

and by the end of the story

playing out in my mind

I am sitting beside him

on the floor, up to his knees

small, sad, mistaken

that he would ever want to know

anything from me

about our one true connection

– music


I played it back in my mind, today

and when he asked me,

“Who are you talking to?”

I didn’t flinch.

I looked him right in his eyes and told him,

“I’m talking to the Light of the World

that resides in you,

that resides in all you’ve turned against in my family

I’m talking to God

and I’m trusting in Him,

that He’s talking to you.”


If it gets much keener

I will sync into the brilliance of heart-thought

layered in pink folds of tender softness

My crimes of glory

of glee

of gladness

are consumed inside the blanket

its softness upon my lap


With Snow White wrap

I cover myself in

with the wind


In the snow

at night

when I’m playing

I am praying


When I’m lying

soft peaks are rising

in the stillness of almost sleep

I feel the arms of the hearts of my loved ones inside this lamb-like skin

this fleece cap of free-flowing thought

I am the wind as it whispers through the leaves


So please these leaves

the river steals them but to us they cleave

They do not burn

they do not gather

They are trod upon with snow and rain and the feet of man

but they exist always in the soil

Let’s bring them back to life

for in the blooms they shall not spoil.

We’re One

I live and rest

in the loving presence of God,

unique in the spark of his creation


God gives that which is good

directing me according to His big dreams


I’m happy knowing that what’s best 

will always be a heartbeat away

in the fullness of reality


I remember all things

beyond time and moment


As I rest

I go now to that place 

where higher parts of selves go to relax and to share

sharing peace


They are beautiful;

I, too, am beautiful

We gather 

to break the bread of kindness

to drink from the cup of caring


We look upon the Love which has existed

since before time began —

we laugh

we embrace

we hug the soft-hearted embodiment

of our representative self;

We’re One

Here and Gone

The Beautifuls

You helped them leap into hearts!

Lover of the beloveds

they all class this place

Making us seem evolved

We got to be lovely

I’ll play something…

they can hear in their DREAMS!

Roy played

we talked

I cried

Resident said

I talk to your mother all the time…

Don’t do anything to hurt yourself

My idealized dream mind

imagined she saw

or knew

or connected to the realms

on the inside

It was a marvelous bit of synchronicity

Silent Sender of Light




I enjoy being a silent sender of light.


I didn’t know how to do that when I was young

on grey days

when the isolation closed in

with low energy

and old papers


Piles of old newspapers

with crosswords and Ann Landers

black and white comics

sports scores


I guess that my steps out of a book

were close enough

I practiced

what we pretended


I don’t want to get to close to the old days


Imagination —

When I see someone doing ALL that

for real

It amazes me how they look like Angels!

Wouldn’t it be Fun…

Wouldn’t it be fun

to go gray and love it

use violet shampoo

and tell the world to shove it

I don’t mean in an angry way

just let me be who I am

when I eat bread

take steroids

and expand

Love, love, love

my inner path

trim my nails

take a bath

stand out

nice to be

good old-fashioned

newly me

(BTW, the steroids were medicine for poison ivy, not for illegally getting buff.)