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St. Francis, I Loveth Thee, But…

Lord, I pray that you will make me an instrument of your peace

even though Jesus said sometimes there would not be peace, but a sword.


I’d like to sow love

but my fear drives me to defend against what you hate.


If I could pardon, I would, and be pardoned;

But after I died, I might not still know

how to get along with others.


I’d love for you to give me faith in place of doubt,

as doubt has been the mechanism of fear

which has been the driving force for me to try to be good

so that I won’t be consigned to eternal torture.


If you could replace my despair with hope,

I would still know that

for everyone,

life is being prophetically preached as getting much worse

in a literal way

before it gets better.


If your light could be shined into the darkness,

there is not a better time than the always now.


And I feel I cannot change

a part of my being that you put into place

which is so much a part of your empathy for those who are not special;

You’ve given me the Spirit of Sadness that supersedes the joy in the feeling

of getting mine.


For I do not want to be consoled out of caring for the unimportant,

the ones who can’t call themselves a man-made label,

but who possibly know your Spirit anyway.

For there is no ego in Christ,

and His generosity of heart does not require puffing up,

only Love.


I will not be understood. I mirror you in that.


I will not say flowery words that preach to the choir

to receive the seal of approval from the many.


I will give to whom I give, without speaking of it.


I will ask you to pardon me when I complain because dying hurts,

or I can’t understand others.

Help me to make you happy and to bring joy

in the uniquely peculiar way you have bestowed on me;

I ask you to help me forgive myself and others

when we enjoy our false feelings of competition

as if in some race to be the best over being loving.


If I have trouble loving rightly,

help me to see what love there is in me and you together.


If each person knew the joy of existing in love

they would never leave it.

Therefore, since the potential and seed-planted desire of all your creation

is to intrinsically experience the high of love,

help me to see all my brothers and sisters

as operating in only the highest degree of love

that they can in this moment

even if it is mainly out of self-preservation.

From this perspective, most are operating

from the highest level capable

in the cumulative consciousness.


Help me to be part of a shift that helps the collective move forward.


Help me to have empathy for those

who are seemingly tethered to the generalized quality of this mirage,

and for the areas of my life

where I am blind to it myself.


Help me to care for the collective wholeness, even as I know

I have to account for my individual self.

Correcting in self

Loving toward others

May it be so.


Extravagantly Loved



You’re gone

But I spend every day

Keeping you alive

You’re spirit is with me

In pure love where you live

Your main concern

Is that I know

I am extravagantly loved

with grace

The Gift


Violin girl


ingrained beneath my leather skin

inside my soft heart-pillow,

and I’m two and forty-nine and seventy-three

in this one formidable body.

No yearning for constant reminders

of who I might be;

I’m over the moon for lack of extremes.

Dear friend,

We’ll last forever.

Wouldn’t it be Fun…

Wouldn’t it be fun

to go gray and love it

use violet shampoo

and tell the world to shove it

I don’t mean in an angry way

just let me be who I am

when I eat bread

take steroids

and expand

Love, love, love

my inner path

trim my nails

take a bath

stand out

nice to be

good old-fashioned

newly me

(BTW, the steroids were medicine for poison ivy, not for illegally getting buff.)

The Will of God, part 3

When life hands you a lemon, realize that this is part of the circumstantial will of God.

Making lemonade entails using creativity. Instead of wasting time being angry or asking God why (all of which are perfectly understandable states for humans to fall into) we can choose to use our energy, transmuting evil into good.

In The Will of God, Leslie D. Weatherhead relates that there are two parts to the circumstantial will of God, which will affect us due to our free will and the oneness that we share as brothers and sisters on the planet.  A natural sense of pain, through the physical body or emotional states, shows up most commonly, taking the forefront of our attention.  Our first inclination to look at God and ask why in these moments is as seemingly appropriate as a child’s cries to a parent, “If you are good, then why am I in pain?” This in an instinctual response to life when dealing with the Will in less than ideal situations.

It is the spiritual sense (the second part of God’s circumstantial will) that allows us to be creative in response.  “Christ did not just submit to this dread event of the Crucifixion with what we miscall ‘resignation,'” states Weatherhead, “He took hold of the situation.  Given those circumstances which evil had produced, it was also God’s will that Jesus should not just die like a trapped animal, but that he should so react to evil, positively and creatively, as to wrest good out of evil circumstances… In other words, by doing the circumstantial will of God we open up the way to God’s ultimate triumph with no loss of anything of value to ourselves.”

There is no loss of anything of value. This is a powerful statement!  God’s will is to help each person to be “…a complete and integrated personality in union with himself.”  In order to deal with lack or with pain in the physical sense, a beautiful interdependency with others, in creativity, will be the modality through which God’s intentional will may occur.  So the ultimate union with others/union with God comes about after a time of struggle with others/free will/self.  It is through our humanity that we find suffering, but it is also through our humanity that we devise answers.  We need both independence and community to make our way through.  So the creative aspect is achieved through sublimation, which I will cover more in part four.