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To fall out of the hands of a living geode

It is a fearful thing to fall behind the clouds’ warm-thirsty, greedy, devouring, towering presence; much more so is it when, without the cloud

the sun would bake the earth into a concrete patch of baldness


Weather Advisory

I remember driving

and after I left

school was cancelled

I almost ran into a building

but steered my wheels to the right

cushioned by foamy snow

Under my violin

it melted

I kept playing


the snow never kept me inside


I remember driving

and after I left

We all went home

Wouldn’t it be Fun…

Wouldn’t it be fun

to go gray and love it

use violet shampoo

and tell the world to shove it

I don’t mean in an angry way

just let me be who I am

when I eat bread

take steroids

and expand

Love, love, love

my inner path

trim my nails

take a bath

stand out

nice to be

good old-fashioned

newly me

(BTW, the steroids were medicine for poison ivy, not for illegally getting buff.)