March 30 Gratefulness List


I am thankful for:

A leisurely Wednesday morning to rest and reflect

Every blessing of God

My happiness when I pray and think about joy for others and their loved ones.

My beautiful Spark-of-God Heart

3-D Rock

Bacon and eggs with a slice of toast and a little buttuh’

My Mama Bear mug and the beautiful symbolism of unconditional love

Deep breathing

Memories of the lovely things I’ve said and heard

Self-forgiveness when I seem confused or forgetful

Moments of connection with children and parents at lessons

Love for God being primary  — my desire to love being above my desire to judge

But for the grace of God go I — the Grace of God!

My complementary and loving/teaching relationship with myself

My list of projects and the focus to relax into and enjoy each one

For the difference between then and now

For dance

For music

For singing

For loving

For my devoted husband

For my beautiful children, rainbow and not

For my grandchild that I will always love unconditionally

For Spiritual growth

For Self-Care, and the Love-of-God experience therein

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