25 More Things to be Grateful For

  1. I am thankful for the song “Sometimes You Have to Encourage Yourself” today.
  2. I believe every good thing God said to me, about my self.
  3. I am glad I can speak good words over myself.
  4. I know something better is out there for me.
  5. I’m glad I can speak victory during every test.
  6. I can speak it no matter how I feel.
  7. I can pat myself on the back with God’s loving help.
  8. Depression is all around, but God is present help.
  9. The enemy created walls, but they do fall.
  10. As I minister to others, I minister to myself and to God.
  11. Life can hurt you so till you feels there’s nothing left. But no matter how you feel, you can look in the mirror and tell yourself that you can make it.
  12. I remember that life and death lies in the power of the tongue, and I can speak life!
  13. Even if nobody tells me I can run on, I tell myself.
  14. I am more than a conqueror.
  15. No one shall pluck me out of God’s hand.
  16. If God is for me, I know no one can be against me.
  17. Greater is He that is in me.
  18. Everything that the enemy and the false layer of the egoic self ever told me is a lie and I know the truth.
  19. I will left up my eyes unto the hill, from which comes my help!
  20. I’m encouraged!
  21. I believe I’m gonna run on and see what the end’s gonna be, and it’ll be good.
  22. I am glad that I can encourage myself in the Lord.
  23. My peace and encouragement is not dependent on others’ points of view or understandings.
  24. The Lord provides the Loving fruit of a loving Spirit, and a loving friendship.
  25. I am alive to breathe and bless, to pray, and to love.

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