Freed from the Pleasing

The greatest gifts

come from those we thought

loved us

when we are freed by knowing

they only loved their idea

and finally

we are freed

from the pleasing


March 30 Gratefulness List


I am thankful for:

A leisurely Wednesday morning to rest and reflect

Every blessing of God

My happiness when I pray and think about joy for others and their loved ones.

My beautiful Spark-of-God Heart

3-D Rock

Bacon and eggs with a slice of toast and a little buttuh’

My Mama Bear mug and the beautiful symbolism of unconditional love

Deep breathing

Memories of the lovely things I’ve said and heard

Self-forgiveness when I seem confused or forgetful

Moments of connection with children and parents at lessons

Love for God being primary  — my desire to love being above my desire to judge

But for the grace of God go I — the Grace of God!

My complementary and loving/teaching relationship with myself

My list of projects and the focus to relax into and enjoy each one

For the difference between then and now

For dance

For music

For singing

For loving

For my devoted husband

For my beautiful children, rainbow and not

For my grandchild that I will always love unconditionally

For Spiritual growth

For Self-Care, and the Love-of-God experience therein

A New Heart


For those of you who check on how I am doing based on my poetry, etc….

Since last Wednesday, I have been experiencing a wonderful healing in my life. Over the weekend, some of my most pervasive fears were put to rest. I found out people love me for me, not for whether my family is society’s idea of perfect, whether I have problems, or whether I handle everything the way someone thinks it should be. I don’t know what the future holds, or if those things will change. But one thing I do know is this: When I love God with all my heart and allow the Almighty to love me back in the same way, my awareness of that love is with me always. The bitterness in me is dying, and the desire to want to love everyone in the most platonic but rich way is being born in me. This is the born-again moment, moment by moment in my life. This is how I know that it is not the experiences of my life that matter, but how I meet them, and with what part of myself I give service to them.


I am grateful for those who agree with me, for those who disagree with me, and for everyone whose lives (thank God) are too busy to be concerned about my rights or wrongs. That the big wheel keeps turning is assured, as too is the comfort in knowing that God holds me gently in the palm of His hand.

25 More Things to be Grateful For

  1. I am thankful for the song “Sometimes You Have to Encourage Yourself” today.
  2. I believe every good thing God said to me, about my self.
  3. I am glad I can speak good words over myself.
  4. I know something better is out there for me.
  5. I’m glad I can speak victory during every test.
  6. I can speak it no matter how I feel.
  7. I can pat myself on the back with God’s loving help.
  8. Depression is all around, but God is present help.
  9. The enemy created walls, but they do fall.
  10. As I minister to others, I minister to myself and to God.
  11. Life can hurt you so till you feels there’s nothing left. But no matter how you feel, you can look in the mirror and tell yourself that you can make it.
  12. I remember that life and death lies in the power of the tongue, and I can speak life!
  13. Even if nobody tells me I can run on, I tell myself.
  14. I am more than a conqueror.
  15. No one shall pluck me out of God’s hand.
  16. If God is for me, I know no one can be against me.
  17. Greater is He that is in me.
  18. Everything that the enemy and the false layer of the egoic self ever told me is a lie and I know the truth.
  19. I will left up my eyes unto the hill, from which comes my help!
  20. I’m encouraged!
  21. I believe I’m gonna run on and see what the end’s gonna be, and it’ll be good.
  22. I am glad that I can encourage myself in the Lord.
  23. My peace and encouragement is not dependent on others’ points of view or understandings.
  24. The Lord provides the Loving fruit of a loving Spirit, and a loving friendship.
  25. I am alive to breathe and bless, to pray, and to love.

25 Things to Be Grateful For

Lokai notepad love
1. My daughter made a wonderful dinner.
2. My son helped with clean-up.
3. They took out the trashes.
4. My husband and the kids picked up stuff at the store.
5. I can lovingly give myself all the time I need to heal. I am a slave to no one in that regard.
6. The sun is shining.
7. I talked to a good friend today.
8. My cold/allergy symptoms are improving.
9. I did some creative work with colors and writings that helped me express my emotions and thoughts.
10. I see a light by which if I am able to lay a foundation for myself in what God is giving me, I will have a more peace-filled, spiritually authentic way of living, thinking, processing, being, and doing.
11. I see how some of the things I long to do in service may come out of the richness of this foundation and be done, not as avoidance of the issues in my life, but as fulfillment of a love because I am moving into the strength of peace already.
12. Even at my weakest states I can choose the things of life and living.
13. I have food in my house. I can shop online and pick up other necessities.
14. I can take every thought captive, even the ones that I have gotten used to thinking of as being helpful — the “pre-planner and fixer thoughts,” and place them lovingly behind the doors of God’s workings.
15. I can recognize at an earlier point when these types of thoughts are coming my way, and can start the process earlier.
16. I see this as a process of healthy detachment practice that I can experience with real-life situations without being unkind or uncaring.
17. I have lovely bracelet and necklace reminders from one of my beautiful friends that reminds me of her deep love and care for me.
18. I get to do what I love, which is to share music.
19. I get to be paid for the gift of this wonderful, Universal love-language sharing.
20. I can and do forgive myself for not having worked through my frustrations with others sooner.
21. Even as I forgive myself, I try to work toward a more all-encompassing way of loving.
22. I am thankful for the nice breeze coming in through the front door.
23. I am grateful for the sounds of the wood-chime and the distant train whistle.
24. I’m happy about the way I felt so sleepy after dinner and was able to nap.
25. Thank you, God, for pen and plenty of paper.