The +10 Mortal Combat Pelvic Girdle

Moonlight Symphony by Aenea-Jones

To take wing

I must detach from this leaf

I will never feel the wind in my hair

if I don’t lift off

(And it has been a Miracle)

The big-girl panties —

Forget that

I am wearing the +10 Mortal Combat Pelvic Girdle

There is nothing else that God needs to do

to prove to me that


And now that I know

I completely release All into God’s hands

and away from my focus

I embrace the middle way

The true authentic Loved Ones

are waiting in the wings to be unleashed

in Love

into my Life

I take and accept my Wholeness


The Bigger steps will be directed

by God in perfect timing

Only Trust and Love




flour sifter geometry

I separate you from your action

I watch you as you draw the line

I see you in your future true self

I see your light and watch it shine


And you’re the stone that was rejected

not that which judges me today

So carry on and do your own thing

Go be at peace, now fly away



(Photography – Michael Collett)