An Entangled Winter’s Space Review




Friend of mine

What do you feel in me

Is it what you imagined it to be

to feel through my bones

while my breath goes shallow,

I forget what comes automatic

as I enter into the hallow

of the non-narcotic

psychedelic dream you gave to me

whose seed originated

in a winter’s icy freeze

chasing itself into my lungs,

Yellow Rays and Pink Fuzzy Breeze

I feel your hand in mine


And fear


I feel your disgrace

Your dirty fire-breathing dragon face

I’ll make a poet of you

a classy, sassy

space review

From another planet

we’ll arrive



I’ll open up your arms

and lay claim to you

as we take the seat together

at the back of the room

I hug you

we embrace

And what is left of the rest of the race?

Life’s Loom

in peaceful resting resignation

— Resume


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