When God’s grace
has been extravagantly given
to you
the judging
of others’ faults
seems an insignificant



A long

leisurely lunch

The sun followed us in

and the food was good;

the coffee was warm

Though we had to request it

the dessert was Divine

(Our waiter couldn’t wait to be at rest)

but our heartfelt conversation was the best


I thought about how much I’d text each day

if I could

if there were far more for me to say

than I should

Instead I know

that for each one of you

with whom I feel entitled all the same

I give to those who can receive my love

in silent name


I’ll Have What I’m Having

Medicate it

Then educate it ~

Dedicate it to the one you love


The one I love

is the energy called


To feel is to live

I can open up the windows

and let my fresh breeze blow


Natural is my cup of tea

I’ll feel my feelings

from my head to my knees

from my knees to my toes

I will help you ungrow

that fungus among us



be chose



I love it

but it’s too far gone

it’s so


“what is she on?”

Title Match

Have you taken your seat

at the back of the bus

Did anyone say

that you don’t matter much

Did you picture their word

Did it run over you

Did somebody’s judgement leave you black and blue?

Did they fill your head with dreams

Then they told you a lie

Did they say “Follow me to the Sweet By and By”

Did you turn away from God to follow someone else’s pride

Just to be loved