Inner Child

She gives back total love for me.

She doesn’t misunderstand

Because she is close enough to know;

She channels in God, as the innocent.

Sharing precious gifts of spontaneity;

She is the pre-domesticated loveliness and freedom of me,

untouched by the judging



If you’ve been left out

Welcome to my table

If you are authentically you,


I love you

I love your humor, your silliness

your organic quality

I love how you love that child

you are

How you laugh, mock the haughty

Look far down the road

Love others

Fight for rights



Take the heat

Give up Life in relevant risk

Grab the gusto and go

Ask for what you need

Give love to all

Risk all for Love

Risk all for Love

Risk all for Love


I make all things new.

I can listen to you.

You’re different than I;

should we be the same?

I love the connection

that can say it sees

without having to make others

see it OUR way.

Somehow it is all relevant.

It is meaningful to know — We get the right message when


and practice the Loving of the “i” in the “I”

without conceit or offense.

You’ve learned to speak OUT

Now, move forward into communicating

the love for your being

that you wish to have for others.