Love and the Double-edged Sword


Love is where it starts

where it proceeds to

and where it continues.

Love is the infinite expression

like a number line.

Love those who are that part of the body

even if they don’t like or recognize you as a part;

to reject them is to reject a part of the body to which you belong.

You love anyway because I told you to!

You don’t have to agree or disagree

You are just there to listen.

You have always been called a peacemaker.

Don’t be angry that you aren’t more like the finger or the hands;

You aren’t the mouthpiece of God.

Be grateful.

The mouth of the Lord contains the double-edged sword

Woe unto those who without humility believe they have the proper authority to wield it.


It’s a Government Gnat

It zips in front of my face, glancing my cheek

flying right in front of my mouth as I type,

It’s in my nose, it’s out,

with its indestructible snout

like that of a flying prig;

it’s a government gnat,

that’s what it is!

The Divine Common Factor

In other dimensions, the sun and the flower are equals, both needing each other.

Birth and death are the breath.

For every outward breath, there is release; for every inward breath, new life.

Plant me, bloom me, let me be planted; let me be uprooted.

Exhale and let me open to the extra-vagancy of your wandering, your spiraling golden perfection, your flowering heart.

Let me bloom where you plant me with your breath, my life, my love!

I love the breath, the breath of the self-similatory, fractally unfractured, Divine Common Factor


(These are a set of spiral poems for spiritual affect, beginning with “The Fragility of Vitamin D-ear-ness-t”.)