I passed by a room and heard singing

And another, laughter,  jokes;

I thanked the living God

for the sound of your smile,

the hollowed-tunnel echo of your heart

still beating its own drum

with which to dance.


No Vacancy

I’m so glad you’re hard on me

it’s good to feel noticed

whereas if you said nothing and were complacent

I’d long for even something harsh to be said

rather than a vacation

Regardless of Outcomes

Jesus did not belong to Mary.

Even He did not immediately do what she thought was best.

Our children belong to themselves

and to God.

They aren’t their parents products

that were manufactured as luminous reflections.

They choose as we try to influence.

They deserve their success and the struggle of

their learning curve

and we are all free to be  One with God

regardless of outcomes.

Other Things

And everything I think

doesn’t have to be labeled “the devil”.

It is a more nuanced understanding

When Jesus stayed at the Temple

and His family couldn’t find him

Obedience to parents would have appeared to have been the salient issue

But God had other things in mind.