Not sure why

a voice 

calling in the darkness



One used to prepare

for Y2K

And The UFO’s were the pilgrim’s buckle

that kept Orion dressed in style

The messages were sent and received

but the rapture gave no reprieve

as the rap, rap, rappers kept on wrapping

the syllables of their cadence

into a hypnotic tapping

taping their desperate measures

onto the heart of the universe


In response:

Every year they came and gave a presentation

This is what it meant, in a literal translation

Forget about art, metaphor, or simile

Throw some money in the plate

if you hesitate

you’ll be too late

And even the literal now say natural

believing what is natural to be discernment

for what is poetry and what is history?

Yet still man’s lack of understanding

is the true mystery

As everyone out-truths everyone else

There’s still a babe in the manger waiting to be loved

If you were that last sinner,  poor, unworthy

would you have enough tenderness left

to administer your own mercy

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