To all of my doctors

every one

you’re the man

you’re the woman

you’re the ones

and yet sometimes all of you say

it was me

I was all about the work

of becoming me,

of becoming a person

who could be used to help others

while leaving behind

control of outcomes

God Popped the Question

God Popped the Question

and I said


Yes to loving the elderly

Yes to honoring the wise ones

Yes to cautious connection

Yes to joy with abandon

Yes to sending care

Yes to prayer

Yes to vulnerability

Yes to layers of fragility

Yes to truth to power

Yes to a quiet hour

Yes to you

Yes to me

Yes to everything collective we will be

God Popped the Question

and I said

Hell, yah!

That Cat with the Forever-Beating Heart


in and out

Where’d that message come from

It was my own voice


The whisper was like singing

with comfort


Sense of self knows that

it’s that cool cat in the corner

who’s purring

Go slow

get to know them

but keep on moving

I’m all ecstatic


Jesus holds the world record

for participating

in my heart’s

spiritual grooving





You gave me


non judgmental love

You still do


You showed me the depths of love

I feel…

You taught me how to pray

“but for the grace of God go I”

I know you came here

to teach me how to love

in truth and in peace

Thank you Dear One