Love, Translated

Betty Sue Dancing on a Dream

Joy is in knowing

We are a process evolving

My heart is a hearth

extending itself into the source of your fire

You translate my love

into a language that can safely

be spoken


This is not just a token

act on your part

consciousness aside

you embody me

I rest in you

You play me


They love you

Betty Sue

God and I sing a song

through you


Suffering Angel

The word violin

wrapped up in her name

as within a cocoon


She could tell you her life’s story

and make it sound

so painfully raw

you wanted to inhabit it

to feel her talent in your veins

She knew Lenny

well enough

to call him that

and played under his


like a bee

following a bat

Her stinging lack of diplomacy

telling me

“You’ll never play like that”

She was a gorgeous


Blood-Bought Epiphany



favoring Moses

having crossed the Red Sea,

Who even now, notwithstanding

seems left stranded on a distant island

are shackled only in your mind

but physically

you’re free.


God is delivering your blood-bought epiphany;

you are damn done dealing

with their hypocrisy!


You spark like a preacher

prophesying  hope;

you’re the wind-borne feather,

to which,

while flying,

in absolution

I tether.

This Christmas

This Christmas

I would like good relationships

with extended family members…

Oh, right, I have that.

How about some goals and plans and new hobbies?

Hey, I’m dancing, blogging, painting, singing…

Yah, I’m good there.

How about rewarding work?

Um, yes, I’m teaching music; I love that; I love kids.

It would be nice to have a lot of friends

from different walks of life,

friendly relationships,

men and women;


Well, there are still those Debbie-Downer moments…

but I also have the mp3’s my son downloaded

on my phone so that I could jam while I drive

or the laughs I share

with another son

on the way to his school

or the music


and synchronicity I enjoy

with my OTHER son.

So if my husband and I could just

connect and understand each other a little more…

if we could just spend some time


in different situations

living life

and getting together

while we immensely enjoy

getting to know each other

over and over again…


I have that too.

There’s very few things that I don’t have

so few

that even if something could be missing

it’s just not! 🙂