Blessed Indifference

Spiritual poverty, as in the Beatitudes, could be that detached status that is necessary, sometimes at great feeling of loss – it is being at one with God, who is all, while accepting the poverty of spirit for which some are called.  It is the poverty of the separation from those things and people who prop us up emotionally or through ego. The greatest love they can give us in that circumstance is a seeming indifference; it is the indifference, the neutrality, that empowers, as the blade of grass persuades its growth through a cement crack in the sidewalk.

It is that same kind of drive — a forcing of growth, with prayers that growth will happen, with no guarantee that it actually will. It is the letting go of into the peace and will of God that is true trust in Him. It wrecklessly abandons others into His perfect, immaculate will.  It is what we all deserve in its best and fullness.


2 thoughts on “Blessed Indifference”

  1. It is easy to become poverty stricken in many areas. I find mine would be love. I lack that kind of love humanly that only God can fill. I know this but still I walk around like a begger with my cup out! Slap me please!

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