Camp Treasures

Weight, State, Negotiate

Fiddle Music Inspires.  I watched kids come close to quitting, then stay in and finish, smiling about their week.  Kids spent a good deal of time dancing to the music to help their fiddling, minds, bodies, and hearts. Friendships were made, and existing friendships became stronger.

Dancing was a part of our recreation, and it complemented our program and the sense of rhythm and fun that we wanted the kids to integrate into their playing.  It was great for an endorphin boost, and kids need movement.

I pushed myself to my limits and beyond in terms of organizing, administrating, and directing a camp.  It was a new experience letting some of the control go.  I learned to trust people and the process.  I watched an instructor gain a new-found love for teaching and playing music again.  I practiced not taking things personally.  That was the big agreement I have with…

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