That Well of Depression

Just lovely

Soul Gatherings

That well of depression…

That place of complete and utter darkness;
that place where no one hears your cries;

that cylinder in the earth that was your prison,
struggling to get out

until your fingernails were bleeding…

That core of the earth…that plug…

Exhausted, you slipped along its slimy walls to the bottom,
where you collapsed, covered in sweat and blood and grime,
unable to move,
blinded by tears of frustration and abandonment…

But what if…

That well of depression was actually a birth canal…a tunnel…
a waystation…an airlock from here to there…
a bridge…

What if…

That well of depression became a wellspring,
a place of healing waters,
a baptism of graces,
a flowing giver of life…

“There is a river.”

What if…

That well of depression that became a birth canal
that became a wellspring
brought forth a beacon of light –
a way through the fog,

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Thank You, God, for the Beauty that Was

Dance love peace


Thank you, God,  for the beauty that was

Thank you for the beauty that was

for the beauty that was

for the beauty

for the beauty that was


Thank you, God, for the last time

Please help me forget the hurt before

Please help me to truly forgive others and myself

Others and myself

Please help me to at least feel neutral toward

If not to love

Those who receive attention

Glory, praise, worthiness

Kind appraisal


And love

for I am they

and the giver

is me

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The Reticent Rain

As I was taking in the sense of familiar

the killing  pride

a funeral pyre

in memorial

Its burning



ashes commenced

growing colder

ebbing  warmer

a mishmash of

another time


Inside the heart aperture

there was one bloom

stretching outward

squeezing in every last bit of the sun’s love

however miniscule deemed


Wherein existed just enough to keep the muscles from contracting

in the reticent rain


The top of the mountain doesn’t go that high

but there are layers beneath

sediments of the past

washed down

into the icy basin below


Let’s just say I’m on a parallel peak

and once in a while

from the tallest vista

I can look out across a vast ocean of clouds

and see all of you

smiling there