Holy St. Rover, Guardian of Pugs

There was a holy picture

of St. Bernadette

she held a pitcher in one hand

and an hour-glass in the next

At an Irish pub

there stood a pug

drinking from his mug

he said to her

“Dear Saint, (and moreover

you may call me Rover)

I wish to accept your invitation

before the time is much too late

let me now


and with this

our dear old chap

lifted off four paws

and landed in her lap

Dear St. Bernadette said

as she smiled so gravely

“Dear Rover, sweet Rover

Do visit me daily

lite thyself upon my dress

do not settle thus for less”

and a kingly pug she made him


Dear Lord Jesus, Have Mercy on Me






“Dear Lord Jesus, have mercy on me.”

These words, prayed without ceasing, become a part of one’s body, one’s soul; they get into the DNA.

“For the Glory of God.”

These words, said in prayer for any challenge one has, give the proper perspective.

“God, I love you. Jesus, I love you. Holy Spirit, I love you.”

These word from the heart are especially effective when we remember that we are One with God.  When we love God and cultivate that, we are cultivating love for every single creature on earth, for our sanctified selves, and for the omnipresent one who brings everything together, seamlessly.

When the love of God arrives in fullness, everything we do is for the glory of God, who loves sharing that love right back with us.

While Herding Sarah, I Heard You, Sophie


I saw a dachshund while I was on my walk/jog this morning.  She had a little pink dress on, and her name was Sara.

Sara was getting particularly far from home.  At first I thought she was coming to warn me off the property, but then she passed by me and kept running the other direction, into a neighboring yard. All the while her keeper was calling her, “Sara! Sara, you get back here!”

But Sara kept running. She stopped and did her business, and then took off again.  By this time I started running to catch her.

Ahead of me, she ran out into the road.  A car was coming.  I started running up the road and waving at the traffic.

She circled back and came toward me. I was still slowing cars down as they came.  I followed behind her and had her back. If anyone came, they knew instantly to slow down.

She made it back home and her keeper thanked me.  It was then that I felt your sweet presence around me.

Did you help set that up, Sophie, to make me feel good today, like maybe I saved a doggie’s life?

Did I draw the doggie toward me? Would she have even come down that way if I wasn’t out and about?

I don’t know, but I felt that little smile at the corner of God’s lips, as he grinned, while soothing sounds surrounded my ears and heart.