He Did It

My  son, who is a freshman in college,  told me yesterday that the college’s undergraduate magazine is publishing one of his college papers, and they will award him and others this Friday at a ceremony.  I am so proud, and am very happy for him.

He was home-schooled from kindergarten through his senior year.  I put this in the passive voice to make a point – I feel that home-schooling is something that happened, more than something I did as a parent/teacher.This son was always imaginative, almost magical as a child.  He had a beautiful sense of vision and seeing outside the norm, even at 1 1/2 years old. While I home-schooled his older brother, then his younger one, there were times that I allowed him to use his sense of adventure to benefit his ultimate good.  This is a nice way of saying that he did not fit into the rigidity of some of the programs I tried to utilize  to help him learn, but that he used the internet to subterfuge my rather listless but perfunctory version of following the state plan for education.

With his inborn curiosity, and the help of a local speech and debate group, my son became a giant in expressing his opinions – which wasn’t always easy for me.   He’s God’s man now, though,  and he really always was.  Whether I personally agree with his point of view all the time is not the important thing to me.  I’ve seen his heart, underneath the struggles, and I admire his will, his intellect, and his ultimate care for all of humanity.

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