Music is a Healer

(April 1)

I saw Esther again today.  She seemed to feel better.  She had a big smile on her face, and wheeled her own wheelchair right up in front of the front row, and found her own spot.  Nobody was going to hold her back from enjoying the music.  I put a red rose in her room, with a little note about what a blessing she is to me.  I would very much like to go back there weekly, or if things are hectic, every other week to see her, Evelyn, Ida, Pauline, and Ruth, as well as the other Esther.  I really enjoyed today, and it was so good to be with the residents, watching them smile and sing a long with us.

Feeling happy that things are moving along with music plans.  I am expanding my awareness of how to meet the students where they are, or at least making my best effort at it.

I have enough time to do some exercise.  I am really enjoying how I am feeling.  I had a wonderful time with friends after singing.  Days like these make me happy.


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