J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

Anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you could explain what it means to experience “true joy and happiness” that is found in Christ … That biblical statement is pretty much hardwired into my system. I.E. lessons on the diff. between Happiness in God VS the world’s fake version of happiness. I don’t always have a clear understanding on what joy found in Christ means, esp. when I’m feeling unsatisfied with certain areas of my life.(edited for length)

And another anon asked:

I feel like a scribe…”let’s catch him in a scripture infraction” LOL. What is the biblical difference of ‘human pursuit of happiness’ and ‘joy of the Lord’?

Let’s be clear about one simple thing first: you are allowed to feel your feelings. One more time now: it’s okay to be a human being and feel your freaking feelings.

I am absolutely dead sick and tired of Christian blogger-world…

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