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I find it difficult to pray for my enemies. I mean, it’s obvious that it wasn’t meant to be easy, but, Jesus instructed us to. What I find most difficult about that instruction is, where do I draw the line with praying whether or not God gives unto my enemies 10x what they did to me (if that’s even biblical at all?) Most importantly, HOW, do I pray for them?

When God says, “Love your enemies,” every single person in the world has a story of why that can’t possibly happen. 

If you and I were to sit face to face across a table over coffee, and you were to explain your story, I would be tempted to agree.  Most times I am tempted to get in a car and go Tony Jaa all over that guy who hurt you.

Here’s the thing: when we use the word

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  1. This is a very hard question. I learn with old age. Don’t pay attention to idiots. Maybe they will go away. I do try polite conversation. Some people are like a mountain. Had to move or adjust. Kindness and a smile is all we can do sometimes. Prayer is good also. Maybe a miracle? Thank you for sharing the question and thoughts.

    1. You’re welcome. JS Park’s blog is really good. I recommend it for great advice.
      It’s good to remember that people are multifaceted for the most part – sometimes hard to deal with, but being at peace inside is a good start.

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