Cold Day Coffee Afternoon

Many words

much idealized


ego self


as if a Hildegard of Bengin

lies inside

or a Mozart

and nobody gets the music

or hears the harmonies

until two hundred years has past


one million likes

for a dead woman’s soul?


forgive the cursory assertion

simpleton ad nauseum

perfunctory peccadillo


as the ascetic is percolated

like a cold day coffee


2 thoughts on “Cold Day Coffee Afternoon”

  1. It’s taken me a while to get to this, but I ponder those 1 million likes very often. It’s so easy to take that out of context and assume that there’s a reality in which you have 1 million likes but are still the same person. I think that perhaps my issue is the heap of perfunctory peccadillos in which I’ve buried myself. My expectations have become too high for lack of scope regarding what others have paid to get where they are in the same time. Also, I need to get better at taking the positive from negative situations in lieu of struggling so hard to change them.

    1. That’s hard for all of us to do. I have to reframe things all the time so that I can see the positive. Anything good that happens at all, it helps to hold onto it and let it sink in to your brains and feelings. It takes one positive thing to make up for 5 negatives, because our brains are conditioned to take in the negative automatically. No wonder it is so much work! 🙂

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