Final Acts in Everyday Lives

 Execute every act of thy life as though it were thy last.”

~ Marcus Aurelius

To experience our everyday actions as if they are final acts is no simple task.  We use our ability to perceive interpersonal experiences in such a way that we see God’s mercy and compassion flowing through us toward each other.  The ultimate self-loving gift is to openly receive God’s love from others,  regardless of how their words or actions may appear.

The result is that one becomes a remedy of sorts, as described in homeopathy; this process of God mixing, diluting, and shaking our selves leads to virtual extinction of the ego/flesh.  Thus we become a spiritual homeopathic, which is the combination of both God’s care and the care of those who take the time to bless our lives, who are channels of that love and mercy to us.

As our lives transform, we are taken to desperate levels through exposure to the emptiness of the flesh; this is the emptiness that fills us up.  The realization of one’s own potential codependency, and the physical properties of exposure to peace-filled assistance become diluted, until the essence of the sources becomes so nearly nonexistent that at this point, it is completely potent, powerful, real, and tangible.

Nothing is ever really lost.  Eternally.

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