This is exactly what I was talking about in “Softness as a Shield.” TY

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Stress is highly personal subject. It centers on one’s feelings more than facts. If we look into the techniques to keep stress at bay; we might get into several and get confused.

There is no ‘one cap fits all’ solution for keeping stress at bay. We have to choose individually.

As we grow older, our perception of negatives becomes exaggerated and our perception of positives becomes discounted.

“Please do not take it wrong way. Since we are talking about stress; there will be harshness in it.”

We often observe people treating others in variety of ways. One way for the one and for the other person there is a change in their behavior. Why do they not keep themselves balanced in treating others?

Take an example of a team. Every team has a coach, a manager. The coach, the manager, will only be fair to his team when he will…

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