The littlest thing sometimes seems to be capable of threatening my happiness. Anxiety is damaging. Was just writing about how I hope to regain equilibrium in my own interactions, which I understand but am trying to build into a habit. Thank you Moazzam!

Moazzam Shaikh's Blog

Happiness exists. One has to find it.

Where to find it?

Is there any specific way to find happiness?

Is there any best guided way to find happiness?

Is happiness a myth?

Is happiness really something that can be found?

How important is it to be happy?

All the above questions have their answers and positive answers.

Yes, happiness exists and we have to find it. We have to find it in small things that happen throughout the day from morning till evening, from the time we wake up till the time we go to sleep.

There is no specific way to find happiness. We live in different geographical places where the environment is different from other places. So there cannot be any specific way to find it although the formula to be happy could be similar in more than one places. We can live happily with whatever we haveā€¦

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