This is a wonderful perspective on how all things in life can be “recycled, reused, and re-purposed,” in the author’s words. Definitely worth a second read! 🙂


imagesDay 8 Project 365

I watched this show on television about people who recycle everything. No matter what it is they recycle, reuse and re-purpose everything they touch. I was intrigued yet not quite motivated to attempt such an undertaking. Lazy or selfish I am not quite sure. What the show did do for me was remind me of gleaning!

I think that everything and everyone in my life has a purpose. Every thing and every one a “thread” woven into my story. Good! Bad! Indifferent! If it has touched my life it has a purpose. I think each and every moment makes up the “where we are” today’s. Not just for our own story but, a lot of what touches us isn’t even about us. People are in our lives and we are in theirs with a purpose. When I change my perspective and (as I am learning) my…

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