What if

What if I hadn’t put aside

my shy demeanor

hadn’t put my hand out there

and stood close to his level

and said


you probably don’t know me

but I know you

I don’t think I would have had the chance

to meet him

to accept his invitation

to see him play

one of the last times

he would ever play

What if I simply

didn’t care

and now he’s gone

and instead of gratefulness

I felt nothing

I’m so glad

what if

didn’t happen

(for Rick Stokes, fellow violinist, fiddler, would have been a mentor…) went home Dec. 29.



9 thoughts on “What if”

      1. How do you link back to the person’s name who nominated you without showing the whole address, i.e., Ajaytao instead of Ajaytao2010.wordpress.com?

      2. I am paste/copying off of Murtaza’s sight the rules, I think it will be ok, I just thought that was neat the way you posted his name without nameing the entire site address. I will keep working on it.

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