Service, Solitude, Sacrifice… Sw-eeeet!

Merry Christmas!

(A painting I did for my son and daughter-in-law)

They prepared and cooked dinner for us

so that I had the time and energy

to make my Christmas Eve dreams come true.

I love the both of them so! 🙂

solary penguins3

3 thoughts on “Service, Solitude, Sacrifice… Sw-eeeet!”

  1. i love painting….my mom is a very good artist…but i could never learn her art…:p sometimes i feel sad….i see so many beautiful humans ( girls :D) around me….i feel lyk sketching them…but…..:(

    1. You sketch very well with your words – you paint emotion that can be felt and seen by those with eyes to see. Every line of your “thoughts” is more than just surface value or first impression. Each thought contains a wealth of potential for exploring.

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