Strangers No More


Esther loved me today

while I was fulfilling a goal

I thought I was serving her

but her request

for Hallelujah Chorus

was her gift

to me


Singing lady’s bass


and everything in between

my friend and I gave it our best shot

As I recalled ~

this was my father’s favorite

for us to sing

at Christmas time


And then she said

If only you played the violin

(which I had left at home)


Right then

I knew that I would soon


this day ~

at home

I wrapped some gifts

set stew to simmer

and drove away


She was asleep when I arrived

The violin sang Silent Night

She opened her eyes and smiled

and after a bit she inquired

How ’bout

You are my sunshine

(a song that reminds me of my mother)

I played it as she sang


And when I shared these thoughts with her

she said

it was my father’s way

of being there

encouraging me

my mother too

and this was her gift to me

and mine to her


Never a Christmas Eve

have I felt so inspired ~

for my goal to give

led to extra rich




for others

for me

2 thoughts on “Strangers No More”

  1. Oh Robin. This is precious, priceless, perfect. Makes me remember with love, and thank our God who gave us our parents and then gave back this memory to celebrate the birthday of His son.

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