Dream come true

I had a dream.  In this dream, I was four months pregnant at 47 years old.  It was a difficult thing to accept.


How would I teach?  What about how my life has opened up?  What about finances; what about my age?


I was telling everyone about it.


I was looking at the years ahead of starting over again, the stress on my husband, the things in my life I would lose that I had just found, the total overwhelm.


And then I woke up.


I lay dormant for a moment, not remembering; and then it came to me suddenly – I’m not pregnant!  I began to laugh with giddiness.  Worries I had been having about the future before suddenly seemed to be nothing at all.


No matter what happens, I will have my friends; I will have my activities; I will have people who care; I will always know who I am.


But then I realized something new again – I really am symbolically pregnant – in gestational mode, preparing to birth the new me each day.  And in this process, I lose nothing.  I only get more of what brings me joy.

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