Little Fiddle Boy

So happy he’s here for his lesson today.

He’s two and a half, and a few months, I’d say.

He’s smiles and bows, and says, “Bow!” (like “bow-wow”),

And I tell him it’s a beautiful bow… Wow!

He shows me the cat, the fish, and the dog

as he makes his bow hold on his dowel-rod frog.

And now to his gently-used box violin

a paint stick for a neck, (which took it on the chin)

But that’s ok, it’s only a sample

He’s learning how to treat it;

we all need an example.

He’ll be quite the fiddler, I would say

and he always says thank you

and knows how to pray.

I’m happy to teach a true gentle-boy

Who’s pleasant and kind

and who brings lots of joy.

5 thoughts on “Little Fiddle Boy”

    1. Thank you. He played in our concert recently, with the other children. His mother had her left arm around him, cradling his neck. She used the other hand to help him bow his violin. It was brand new, and he was so proud. He told another child afterward, “I play Mississippi Hotdog.” πŸ™‚

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