Buck Up and Function

A wise, dear woman,

she has a choice

were her life simply livid

she would be a lesser voice.


But she passes through the phases

like the harvest moon’s jewel

beyond the pear tree’s traces

in the early morning, full.


To her, it’s a life lived richly

from a faith hard-won

through years of serving

with a love, deserving,

who received the original call,

and whose mind now diminishes

after all.


Still, she speaks of happier days;

I hope to learn

her gentle ways.


I’d earn her praise,

though to me,

she already gives it.

2 thoughts on “Buck Up and Function”

  1. Parts of this remind me of your mom, and how you’ve spent a bit of time living in comparison to her, inevitably though unnecessarily. I wonder, though about life simply livid. How do you mean? And the original call seems specific, as well as direct references to the harvest and the peach tree. With phases in mind, it’s a very “moon-y” entity you describe, and someone you chase even though you don’t have to, because this person waits for you.

    1. Life simply livid is a word-play on life simply lived. She could be livid about the damage that dementia is doing to the lives of members of her family, and she feels the normal frustration, but she also rises above it. The peach tree part is in reference to an actual observation she had that morning, and shared with me as we were traveling together. I like the chasing the moon analogy – I had not thought of that. I guess there is a certain synchronistic quality to her having told me about seeing the moon so bright, and my relating it in the poem. It does fit with the ending nicely – my desire to rise above my own daily frustrations. Thank you!

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