Dynamite Napoleonic Steampunk

Now stay with me… perhaps a little synchronicity and art for those who would like to follow me into the matrix…

Napoleon Dynamite (Jon Heder) and The Jon (Jon Sprague – former member Steam Powered Giraffe) sort of resemble each other in the face, I think.  Watch the dance bit from “Napoleon Dynamite” where Jon Heder makes us smile:

and then watchThe Jon (Jon Sprague, the member in the background to the right) “Honey Bee”:

Now, I was googling Napoleon and The Jon, and found the following link that incorporates THE Napoleonic times (o.k., I know, not the same guy, but the same name…) with the fantasy world of Steampunk, an alternate Teslian future, and a new kind of Alice in Wonderland (Steampunk, OffBook, PBS):

What a strange name-game journey this has been. The White Rabbit is the one who starts Alice on her journey down the rabbit hole. Thanks a lot, Rabbit (Bunny Bennett)!

(This was posted originally at an earlier date in a different form) Corrections have been made. Original event commemorated  National Dance Day, 2014)


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